What software does a start-up need??


What software does a start-up need??


Budget for hardware and software at an early stage

Without sufficient PC programs no enterprise gets along in the today's time, all the same in which industry it is active. Startups in the IT sector also require a full range of industry-specific programs. However, before you deal with the software, you must first equip your company with the necessary hardware. These include:

  • Laptops and PCs (including mice, monitors and keyboards)
  • Printer, scanner, copier
  • Networks
  • In-house servers for storing data

Depending on the industry, the hardware can of course be much more extensive. The budget for hardware and software should not be underestimated and should be included in the company budget at an early stage. These include IT service costs.

What software is important for the company after it is established?

As already mentioned, the software required depends above all on the company's sector of activity. There are, however, programs that every company should acquire immediately after start-up. These include the typical office applications that can be used to create spreadsheets, documents and presentations. Many companies fall back on the Office variant of Microsoft here. Besides the mentioned MS-Office also contains the useful e-mail software Outlook. However, if you want to save money, you can also use an office freeware (z.B. OpenOffice).

Especially for companies that have a lot of customer contacts etc. need to store and manage, often turn to software that deals with customer management. It is also essential to have a program that can coordinate business processes such as orders, sales and production. SAP's product is particularly popular here.

Mastering the daily business with a software

The everyday life of a company consists of a number of tasks that only very few entrepreneurs deal with before becoming self-employed. Writing invoices, bookkeeping and inventory management – many entrepreneurs are still overwhelmed with the daily tasks involved, especially during the start-up period. Business software, such as that of the manufacturer Lexware, can therefore be helpful. This offers a complete solution for business tasks. By handling all tasks with one program, business processes can be optimized and time and money can be saved. In addition, as your startup grows, purchasing payroll software may make sense.


Depending on the industry, the software a business needs differs. However, a basic set of programs is needed by every startup. Especially a word processor and software for creating presentations and tables is extremely important. Again, specialized business software can help manage the day-to-day tasks of being self-employed.

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