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There are many different types of credit from which you can choose. But which is the right one to complete your credit request also with a positive feedback from the creditor? Choose the right loan type and increase up to 90% your chances of a positive credit decision.

About 90% of the rejections of credit requests is due to the selection of the wrong type of credit.

Where can I borrow money quickly? In the following section you will find an overview of credit types. In addition, you will find for each individual type of credit further basic information, as well as the immediate possibility to start a non-binding and free search request.

Credit comparison is worthwhile!

In most cases, credit requests are made to lenders who do NOT offer credit products for this case. To make this fact clear once more.

Credit seekers turn with your credit request in about 90% of cases to lenders who do not provide loans for your suitable case.

This circumstance is due to many different reasons. On misleading and misunderstood advertising campaigns of lenders. And on the other hand, the problem of incorrect and incomplete data provided by the borrower during the credit application process.

These two points lead in about 90% of the loan requests to rejections.

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Choosing the right type of loan

  • Foreign loans
  • Trainee credit
  • bank credit
  • Instant credit / Quick credit
  • Overdraft facility
  • cheap credits
  • Car credit / car loan
  • small credit / mini credit
  • Microcredit
  • Swiss credit
  • Credit for self-employed
  • Credit for cell phone
  • Loan with immediate payment
  • Instant credit
  • Credit without bank
  • Credit without income
  • Credit without Schufa
  • credit without collateral
  • Credit card without Schufa
  • Short term loans
  • Online credit
  • personal loan
  • Refinancing
  • bridging loan

Use our search request where we search for you private lenders. Which you can still borrow money today despite Schufa immediately!

The frustration of borrowers is becoming increasingly greater. The search for suitable credit types has become very complex. Comparing and understanding different terms has become tedious and very time consuming when you want to borrow money.

And in the case of the wrong application, this leads to the rejection of the loan request.

We help to facilitate this tedious and frustrating process. We support borrowers in finding suitable types of credit, especially borrowing money without a bank . Our goal is to connect every credit request with a positive credit decision. No case is too small for us. No case is too big for us. No case is too complicated for us. No case is and too difficult.

With our search request, we try to find a suitable type of credit for you and then find a suitable lender to it.

Loan with instant payout

Here you can calculate your credit. We have a simple and fast online loan calculator. An instant loan comparison for all possible loan types. Step by step, super easy many cheap foreign loans in comparison.

Whether it be a personal loan, a car loan or an online loan with instant payment . We help you to find suitable private lenders free of charge, with the goal to receive a positive credit decision.

We show you step by step how you can manage to get a credit card. How you can borrow money immediately and your desired financing despite less good credit rating is possible. How you can get money immediately despite money problems or an existing excessive installment payments.

Whether you want to have a trainee loan, a mini loan or you are looking for a loan. We help you to apply for a loan quickly and easily today!

Loan calculator – instant loan comparison

How much credit can I get ?

The first question most people ask themselves at the very beginning is quite often the same: How much credit do I get ?

How much money can I borrow and above all, why is it that some banks lend more money and others less? ? Please remember. If you really have money problems then I always advise and recommend professional debt counseling.

How much credit you can borrow is basically determined by how good your credit rating is. Basically check not only the banks but also all private lenders. And your creditworthiness is measured with the so-called SCHUFA score . The higher the score is the better your credit rating is.

Tip: You should know yourself your creditworthiness. Read more about how you can request a free Schufa self-disclosure in just 3 minutes.


The Schufa check usually always takes place. No matter whether you apply for a current account overdraft, a Swiss loan would like to have, or you want to have an annuity loan.

Therefore, I always advise you to try to delete your Schufa entry, if you have one. And secondly, to improve your Schufa score. So you increase your chances to get a loan instant approval. And I have already published a post here as well. With only 5 simple points you can start immediately and improve your Schufa Score .

How you can delete your Schufa I have already written down in one of my numerous articles. So if you really have a credit record, then I advise you to delete your credit record immediately. Read my article in which I explain step by step how you can do this.

Both points are very important if you want to have a quick and easy loan with an instant payout.

Just get to the bacon, it really pays off. No matter if you want to hire a loan shark, borrow money from private persons or need a simple car financing.

How much credit can I afford ?

If you take into account my recommendations above and immediately start to clear your Schufa or improve your Schufa score, then you have already made the first right step!

But what now ? What happens next ? How much credit can I afford and what is really reasonable for me and bearable ? What if I just have a short-term financial shortage and I need a quick bridge loan? Also for this there is the solution with a suitable small loan .

Credit without income?

Many of my friends have confronted me with this question again and again. Can I also get a loan without income ? And if so, how does it work ? What are the requirements for a loan without income and how can I meet them ?

Read my article on how you can borrow money even without income!

Loans comparison

The loans comparison is one thing you should do very neatly for yourself. Whether you're looking for car financing or need an online loan.

It is always good that you directly make a loan comparison and thus can ensure a favorable loan to get. I have also provided you with a car loan calculator on my site for this reason.

And it's really for everyone who needs a loan without exception. Whether that is a loan for the self-employed, a loan for the unemployed or whether you want to take out a mortgage for your house.

Loan comparisons are guaranteed to pay off. Because only with this you can ensure to get a favorable financing. It is important to know at what terms you can get your personal loan in today's market. And of course it is obvious that you can only get cheap loans with transparent comparisons.

Cheap credits

What actually makes a cheap credit? So what really matters so that you can say I got a really cheap loan?

Well the installment loan comparison has a certain factor you should consider. And this factor is now the so-called interest rate. No matter whether you use a loan calculator for real estate or whether you want to make a simple installment loan comparison.

Whether you get then cash in a favorable way or not and whether the private loans found on the Internet are actually cheap or favorable lies precisely on the so-called interest rate.

And that is why it is so important that you do a proper and complete interest rate comparison. This means that you really take the time to also check a loan from private individuals. It's important that you really take all the information into consideration and make sure you have plenty of information on how to make an online loan comparison. Of course, it is also important that you already know certain characteristics and factors for a real estate loan in advance.

Credit cards – the fast help

Credit cards are also becoming more and more important. It does not matter if you want to borrow a smaller amount of money! How z.Example. a mini loan , or whether you want to take out a building society loan for a larger construction project.

Loan calculation

The loan calculation is basically always the same. Whether these are now credits of private persons or also whether it is a credit free of creditworthiness.

It is important to know that many loan calculators online are tuned for their own products. D.h. so that you can find certain calculators that are designed exclusively for a real estate loan. Others again for small loans . But all calculations are based on the same basis. Namely the so-called compound interest.
How this interest calculation works I show you now in the appendix.

There are numerous tools that you can use online to calculate your interest and the associated repayment rate. Installment payments are of course dependent on the term due to the interest formula and what is called the interest rate.

You see that it always depends on how high the interest rate in your agreement is . And in further consequence there is in addition also still another so-called connection financing those however likewise on the same principle of an interest calculation pbasiert!

How can you borrow money, with a so-called zero financing ? What does this mean? This means nothing else than that you can borrow money with a zero% interest rate. But be careful. Many of these agreements are tied to very specific conditions. One of these conditions specifies that you get this financing only if you have paid back a certain amount at a certain time.

If you miss an installment payment and your debt is not paid on time, you will face high fees. And these fees then lead to the fact that z.Ex. your mortgage loan will be relatively expensive.

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