Tunnel discovered between the gaza strip and israel

Tunnel discovered between the gaza strip and israel

Israel assumes that palestinian militants wanted to use it for attacks or the abduction of israeli soldiers. The tunnel was about 18 meters below ground and 1.7 kilometers long, the military said on sunday. It is the third tunnel of this kind found this year along israel's border with the gaza strip, he said.

Israeli radio reported that the underground passageway led to a hashkosha in the direction of the border village. On the palastinian side he had an exit near chan junis. The tunnel was already discovered last monday according to army information.

Brigadier general mickey edelstein, who is in charge of the gaza strip, said on sunday: "the israeli army assumes that there are more such tunnels, which endanger civilians and security forces in the area."About 500 tons of cement and concrete were used for the construction of the tunnel.

Israel stops transport of construction materials to the gaza strip until further notice. Last month, for the first time in six years, israel allowed the import of building materials for private construction sites into the gaza strip again.

Israeli soldier gilad shalit was abducted in 2006 after palastinian militants entered israeli territory through a similar tunnel.

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