The triumphant advance of prefabricated housing – this is how innovative the prefabricated construction method is

There are many reasons for a modern and innovative prefabricated house, so that more and more people are turning to practical prefabricated house construction. A lot has happened in the industry in recent years: More customization options and flexibility, innovative insulating walls and the use of robust materials are the merits of providers like Living Haus.

A prefabricated house made in Germany by Living Haus also convinces with calculable prices and modern technology. In addition, a sustainable house design is offered in a wide variety. Of course, a short construction time is the main advantage of a prefabricated house, since a house can be built in only two days.

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Environmentally conscious and energy-efficient living

In terms of energy supply, a modern prefabricated house provides the optimal thermal insulation. Thus it is in the meantime in no way inferior to a classical solid house. Prefabricated houses can be built as low-energy houses or as passive houses. Nothing stands in the way of the integration of efficient ventilation technology and the use of regenerative energies such as solar technology.

The high-quality thermal insulation in the prefabricated house ensures that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. Environmentally friendly construction with wood also contributes to building without harmful greenhouse gases.

Innovative prefabricated houses can be heated efficiently. In this way, the owner can save enormous heating costs. In addition, prefabricated house construction can be subsidized by the state in some cases – the subsidy is higher the lower the energy requirement is. This not only saves money, but also ensures environmentally friendly living.

Individualized and designed according to your own wishes

When building the home of your dreams, manufacturers like Living Haus can certainly accommodate special requirements of the builder, as prefabricated homes do not come ready-made off the shelf as they once did and now have flexible design options. Meanwhile, they can be customized according to the wishes of the future owner. Families, for example, have the advantage with a prefabricated house that the room layout can be changed. Furthermore, an additional extension is possible.

In terms of design options, the floor plans and elevations of the prefabricated house are drawn according to the ideas of the builder. As a result, not only the exterior but also the interior living space is designed entirely according to personal requirements. One has the possibility to redesign and add additional rooms. In addition, one has the choice of different roof shapes, the size of the windows, and different price categories.

The builder can also choose quite flexibly between different types of prefabricated houses. You can choose between single-family houses, two-family houses, multi-family houses as well as semi-detached houses, bungalows or urban villas.

Technically at the highest level

Technical innovations are no longer a rarity in the construction of a prefabricated house, especially since they make the home safer and more comfortable. In this sense, sustainable changes are occurring in home building, primarily as a result of technological developments.

The smart prefabricated house should be mentioned here. Numerous options are available to the builder in this respect – be it intelligent heating and energy control, smart lighting, the latest consumer electronics or intelligent solutions for greater security.

However, this trend has not yet really taken hold. The reason for this is primarily the additional cost of qualitative systems. However, special subsidies can be claimed for appropriate smart home solutions. Financially, the expansion is mainly supported when it comes to energy efficiency, reduction of barriers or and security.

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