The right polish for the car


The right polish for the car


The car is not only the German's favorite child and is cared for as well as with much passion. Worldwide the own car belongs to an important life status and to the life feeling to it. Freedom, independence are here very high on the list of the need for a vehicle. But the car has also become indispensable as a safe and reliable means of transport to get from A to B every day.

All the more also the care of the vehicle has moved more and more into the foreground. There is washed, or one lets wash, with sponges and soft rags cleaned and polished. And the latter should be given special attention. There are a number of important points that must be taken into account to ensure that the car shines brightly in the cabin and on the road.

Which polish is right?

This question should be asked only when the vehicle is absolutely well cleaned and washed. The smallest dust particles can be quite annoying. Because as soon as it starts with the polish, they should be eliminated in any case. At best, of course, 100 percent. Which polish is the right one? If there are minimal scratches in the upper layer of the paint, or visible holograms, for example, if a rough car polish has been applied, a high-gloss polish is due. When choosing products, you should in any case pay attention to high value and quality, such as those offered by Rupes products. In the high-gloss polish, compared to the conventional, coarse polish, only a minimal amount is applied to a soft and dust-free cloth.

How often to polish?

If possible, the vehicle should never be polished more than twice a year. Who performs this too often runs the risk of damaging the paint more than to use and even more to maintain.

Because: With every polish, the smallest particles of paint are removed and the protective layer of paint becomes thinner each time. It is also important that you never polish in the sun and also not where a strong dust might occur.

With what to apply the polish?

Basically, you can always polish your car yourself and you don't need a polishing machine. Certainly, you can facilitate the process many times over in this way, but polishing by hand yourself still makes the subtle difference. If a polishing machine is used, it should be equipped with the correct attachments, i.e. once for applying the polish and for repolishing. With a soft and not too coarse-pored sponge and a soft cloth you can also apply the polish, give up on the paint and then polish to a high gloss afterwards.

Here it is important that the polish is really dried and absorbed from front to back. Only then is the correct repolishing at all useful and no annoying streaks are formed. Also the vehicle should stand in any case in the shade and rain should announce itself under no circumstances. Because nothing is more annoying than that the vehicle is just nicely washed, the polish is just applied and it starts to rain. Because then a re-polishing is no longer possible and you can start with the procedure possibly again from the beginning.

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