Switzerland is the land of volunteers

Every fourth person in Switzerland regularly does voluntary work, most of them in the context of an association. The most diverse people thus come together through common interests. This is no coincidence: an association makes it possible to realize one's own ideas and visions collectively in a very unbureaucratic way.

200,000 associations: typically Swiss!

According to estimates, there are between 150,000 and 200,000 associations in Switzerland, which means that there is one association for every group of about 40 people. This is a remarkable density. Next to the joint-stock company, the association is the most important and most common form of company in our country. This is not by chance: the association system has namely in the Switzerland of the 19. In the early twentieth century, the association played a decisive role in creating a national identity that transcends the cantons. Thus, already at the beginning of the century before last, federal shooting and singing clubs came into being, which were able to bring together and involve an astonishing number of people across cantonal borders in a democratic way.

Associations enable fitness in the community, for example

Quickly established, simply managed

The attractiveness of the association is not least due to its simple form of organization: unbureaucratic and goal-oriented, easy to act both legally and in terms of accounting. To found an association, all that is needed is a founding protocol that defines the board of directors and the statutes – and the association is ready to go. Even accounting is not a closed book. Accounting does not have to be complex. All that is needed is good software that allows the person in charge to keep track of the finances.

Association accounting: easy with the right program

Accounting is generally considered a tiresome and thankless task – everyone is happy if someone else does it. But times have changed: Today there are time-saving accounting programs that are geared to your needs. Charts of accounts are easily created and maintained. Things get a bit more complicated when an association has employees: Like any other employer, social security contributions must then be made.

switzerland is the land of volunteers

Keeping club accounts. Legal requirements.

Associations have been moving Switzerland for 200 years. But it is not only its prominent role in Swiss history that speaks for the association as a form of society – even today it is ideally suited as a vessel for common interests, sports and community: unbureaucratic, simple, democratic and free.

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