Sahara beer week 2013 comes to an end

"The fifth season has passed peacefully. There were few incidents", explained the organizer of the 64. Beer week, michael schmid, at the beer week review on sunday. "Both our monchshof-naturradler and the alcohol-free kapuziner weibbier and kulmbacher alkoholfrei were well received by the beer festival visitors", he said, stressing that sales had certainly not reached a record high. "But that is also not our goal. We simply want a festival to feel good", he agreed with helga metzel of the kulmbacher brewery.

"During the beer week – although we were very present – we did not catch a single drunk driver. And there were no accidents in connection with the beer week", the head of the kulmbach police department, gerhard renk, was able to the kulmbacher and beer festival visitors only confirm. "Our security concept, which we ran, was based on a strong presence. We want to be there before arguments get out of hand", according to renk. "It was also very important that the federal police were at the station every evening," says renke, so renk.

A total of eight beer festival visitors, including one woman, had to spend the night in the police cell. "But if you consider the rush last saturday, it has to be said that we had unusually few deployments. We are very satisfied with the progress", says renk.

Circulation patients
The bavarian red cross did not have to report any unusual incidents either. "In total, the 64. Beer week a very pleasant beer week. We naturally had – because of the heat – some circulatory patients", maximilian turk of the BRK drew up a balance sheet. And three more serious incidents: one beer festival visitor had a seizure, one suffered internal problems and one was stung by a wasp in the throat.

Apart from that, 18 people were treated for moderate injuries – almost all of them beer festival visitors who suffered cuts that required stitches. "Fortunately, hardly any medical care was required as a result of brawling or excessive drinking. The number of patients was in line with the average of the last few years", so turk.

The biggest crowds were on the first saturday, thursday, friday and the second saturday of the beer festival. "But slowly it becomes difficult to increase the performance. It just works", said maximilian turk.

"Yes, we have survived the sahara beer week well. We were not able to make up for the drop in sales of the first few days, but we can be fully satisfied.", gunther limmer, spokesman for the festival owners, also drew a balance of success.

Remarkable at the 64. Beer week 2013 was, according to his words, also that the festival visitors not only exchanged tokens, but that they also paid in cash in large numbers, so limmer.


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