Safe skiing: what insurance do winter sports enthusiasts need??

Snow, mountains and a few boards under your feet: in theory, it doesn't take much more than that to go skiing. But the right insurance should also be in your luggage. You can read about the policies you need as a winter sports enthusiast here.

Important for every winter sports enthusiast: accident insurance

Although the number of skiing accidents is steadily declining: skiing and snowboarding are not harmless. Around 40.000 winter sports enthusiasts are injured on the snowy slopes every year. This is confirmed by figures from the German Insurance Association (GDV). Even if many skiers get off lightly, a skiing accident can lead to permanent physical limitations. A private accident insurance will cover various costs that you may incur as a result of an accident. This includes certain treatments and rehabilitation measures that are not covered by the statutory health insurance. In case of permanent damage, for example the loss or restriction of a body part, you will receive money from the insurance company. If you are no longer able to work as a result of the accident, a lifelong accident pension is usually paid.

Safe skiing: what insurance do winter sports enthusiasts need??

Indispensable protection not only for skiing: Private liability insurance

If you cause damage to others, you have to pay for it – and that can sometimes be really expensive. Therefore, everyone should have a private liability insurance. For snowboarders and skiers this is even more true. Because on a skiing vacation, a small mistake can have fatal consequences: In your euphoria, you may disregard the rules of the slope and overlook a skier who has the right of way when entering the slope, causing him to fall badly. Or, as a beginner, you lose control of your skis and mow down all the equipment parked in front of a hut, damaging some skis and poles. In both cases, claims for damages can come your way. Private liability insurance covers these costs for you and fends off unjustified claims.

Well taken care of in case of emergency: travel health insurance abroad

Perfect winter sports conditions are comparatively sparse in Germany. No wonder, then, that Germans are often drawn to Austria, France and Switzerland for their skiing vacations. Here your German health insurance card (EHIC) is valid, but only to a limited extent: with it you will only receive the benefits that a legally insured local would receive in the vacation country. And that is sometimes much less than we are used to in Germany. With a ski vacation in the USA or Canada a foreign travel health insurance is absolutely indispensable. Because here you have to pay for medical treatment completely out of your own pocket – and the medical costs in these countries are extremely high. For winter sports enthusiasts, international health insurance is also important because good policies cover the cost of transporting you back home. The statutory health insurance companies do not pay for this in principle.

Safe skiing: what insurance do winter sports enthusiasts need??

Special insurance for skiing: Useful or a waste of money?

  • Foreign travel health insurance
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Baggage insurance
  • Trip interruption insurance
  • Daily hospital allowance insurance
  • Winter Sports Equipment Insurance.

Such insurance also pays, for example, if your skis are the victim of theft, for example, in the ski cellar or in front of the hut at apres-ski.

However, before taking out ski insurance, you should check whether the benefits are not already covered by existing policies. If you already have, for example, a private liability, a travel health and an accident insurance, a special winter sports insurance is usually not worthwhile.

The situation can be different if you go skiing frequently and own very valuable winter sports equipment. If you do, it can be well worth it to purchase insurance for those expensive skis, especially since it often includes coverage for damage in transit and breakage. However, your winter sports equipment may already be covered under your homeowner's insurance policy in the event of theft. You can usually read about this in the contract documents or ask your insurance company about it.

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