Police report that the attack on the alex is about to be cleared up

Police report that the attack on the alex is about to be cleared up

Already on tuesday, the police had caught another 19-year-old man. A warrant of arrest was issued against him on wednesday. The young man is accused of bodily injury resulting in death, said the spokesman for the public prosecutor's office, martin steltner. Overall, the investigation into the complex continues for murder.

In investigative circles, it was said that the main perpetrator was suspected to be in turkey. The police expressed confidence about the progress of the investigation. "We are confident that we have tracked down those involved in the crime. We now also know the names of the other suspects," martin dams, spokesman for the berlin police, told the dpa news agency on wednesday.

On tuesday, a 19-year-old man was arrested in the district of wedding. The two other manner on wednesday accompanied by a lawyer reported directly to the homicide commission. Six suspects are now known by name, said martin steltner, spokesman for the berlin public prosecutor's office.

In the night of 14. In october, a group of young men had arrested 20-year-old jonny K. Brutally beaten and kicked in front of a restaurant on the edge of alexanderplatz. He died a day later from bleeding in the brain caused by the kicks of the perpetrators against his head. This sunday there will be a public memorial service for Jonny K. Give.

The victim had tried to help a drunken friend after a disco visit when he was suddenly attacked by the group. It was suspected that the perpetrators had come from the nearby bar "cancun". On the night of the crime, up to 700 people celebrated there at the invitation of a turkish artist. A witness alerted the police to a group of young men who had been standing in front of the site. The public prosecutor's office had offered a reward of 15,000 euros. By tuesday, police had received 40 tips on possible perpetrators.

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