“Market of the long faces”

"Market of the long faces"

The gifts you get for christmas aren't always the best ones. But no one has to let this dampen their spirits: because at the "market of the long faces" they really do exist on thursday, 27. December, in the coarse meeting room of the town hall on maxplatz, unwelcome gifts can once again be auctioned off from 10 a.M. To 12 p.M. The city of bamberg announces.

According to this, the "market of long faces" is taking place it has already taken place for the third time and has established itself successfully. This year, bamberg's mayor wolfgang metzner will again take part as a shrewd auctioneer. Supported by carmen pfab and marianne schlauch, he will bring the unloved gifts to the man and woman with a lot of charm and wit.

This is how it works: the auction starts at 10 a.M. According to the city, the gifts can be purchased from 9.45 o'clock in the rough meeting room in the city hall at the maxplatz to be delivered. An unused gift from last year can still be given away. The starting bid is basically one euro, but can also be set individually. The event ends after the last gift is sold.

20 percent for a good cause

20 percent of the proceeds will go to the bamberg culture board, while 80 percent will go to the original owner of the gift, according to the city. "So if you participate, you will end up with money for what you really like instead of scratchy wool socks, and you will also be doing something good." .

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