Lawyer for banking law in landshut

Bank account blocked? High losses on shares or funds? Excessive interest on loans?

Your account has been blocked without authorization? You would like to contest defective investment advice or advice on financing? You are facing a dispute in loan contract and loan security law? We all depend on the smooth functioning of payment transactions, and the banking crisis clearly demonstrated how sensitive this area is. For these reasons, the need for an optimally qualified attorney for capital markets and banking law is constantly growing. My specialization in the legal field of banking law enables me as a lawyer to give you competent advice for your concern in Landshut.

Banking law focuses on all banking transactions. It thus covers all issues of legal transactions with banks. This mainly affects the relationship between bank customers and their banks: in loans, in banking contract law, in money transfers and in credit card business.

Your lawyer for banking and capital market law in Landshut

For the bank client, banking law is extremely complex and opaque, as there are many individual laws in banking law. The basis for banking law is the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz – KWG); further bases can be found in the German Civil Code (Burgerliches Gesetzbuch – BGB), the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch – HGB), the German Bills of Exchange Act (Wechselgesetz – WG) and the German Checks Act (ScheckG).

The law around the capital market is responsible for all questions around the activities on the financial markets. It includes the issuance and trading of and with securities, such as shares, bonds, debentures or mortgage bonds. But also promissory bills, derivatives, option rights and other tradable papers fall under it. As a lawyer specializing in banking law, I offer my clients comprehensive advice and representation in financial law matters in my law office in Landshut, Germany.

You have problems with your real estate fund, pension fund, fund of funds, ship fund or stock fund? Capital market law also deals with this.

Anyone seeking advice or legal representation in these areas needs a specialist who is not only familiar with the legal side, but has a particular expertise in the field of banking and capital. In this case, always trust an expert who can demonstrate this specialization and also years of experience.

Violations of banking and capital market law are not trivial offenses

My law firm for capital and banking law in Landshut is a well-versed expert with years of experience in all aspects of banking, the stock market, investments and loans. I advise companies and private individuals, as well as banks, on all banking and capital market law issues. As your attorney, I have a great deal of professional expertise and offer competent legal support. Another plus for you: My law firm in Landshut can also take over your complete asset management and represent you before credit institutions. Through my work as a lawyer in the legal field of banking law, I have many years of experience in solving banking law problems and can support you competently in all areas of banking law in my law office in Landshut.

If you have any problems, be sure to consult a specialist. Because violations of capital market and banking law are not considered trivial offenses and are subject to severe penalties. Call me today because it's your money, your reputation and your financial future at stake!

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