Just say thank you: thank you mom and dad!

Somehow, I've missed the last few years just saying thank you to the two most important people in my life. To the people who brought me into this world and raised me up. To the people who have made sure I have always been well.

But before it gets really emotional here, I'll show you some suitable gift ideas for parents. Even though they usually say, "You don't have to buy us anything!", they will of course still be delighted with a nice gift. No matter whether for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday, Christmas or just because.

An honest thank you!

Yes, you are meant mom and dad! Therefore I do it now here. Public and visible to everyone in the world. Why? Because I just want everyone to know what great people you are and all you have done for me.

Now that I am writing this text, I feel bad. Feeling really bad. Far too often I said thank you, but rarely with full conviction. Rather a casual thank you. A thank you just has to be said when you get some money or are invited to dinner. A thank you as meaningless as the English skills of Lothar Matthaus.

That is why I am trying to catch up now. At least as well as it can! I just want to say thank you. From the bottom of my heart. A completely conscious and sincere thank you. A thank you that I hope you will never forget just as I will never forget the great things you made possible for me.

Man, was I difficult!

You guys have had the world at my feet for the last 25 years. I have not lacked anything. But back then as a 16 year old boy, freshly hit puberty, I didn't understand this yet. As it is so common I thought of course that you are the bad guys. Now I know I was the bad guy. At least most of the time 😉

To be honest, I was not only the bad guy, but a real asshole at times! We had a lot of rough years together. So I not only want to say thank you, but also apologize. Sometimes I feel like I've become just the son for a few years that you wouldn't want: always rebelling against others. Always trouble brought home. Always rebelling. And I didn't give a shit about school anyway.

Actually, such words to you were long overdue. I have often thought about thanking and apologizing to you in recent months and even years. But somehow I was much too busy with myself and my own development.

I have tried many things, walked many paths, only to realize over and over again: Dead end! But especially the time since my skin disease has finally given me the kick in the right direction. And now, just before it starts, I know: this time everything fits!

Never before has anything felt so right in my life.

I know, I have broken your hearts with the decision to leave Germany for the time being. And again I must apologize. It tore my heart out myself when Sara and I told you guys about our new life. I saw it in your eyes: The incomprehensible grief of letting your only child go.

But I promise you I'll take care of Sara and me. And I am sure you will see how well we are doing. You will see how happy this gigantic adventure will make us. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing behind us anyway. I thank you for saying: "Do it as long as you are still young and as long as there are possibilities."

My role models

In general, I am so incredibly grateful for all the support I have received from you over the years. You have always supported me when I was about to break down. At home I always got my deserved trouble, but in front of relatives, friends or other people you always defended me. No matter what, I was always your son.

Also with private problems, no matter whether lovesickness, trouble in the work or other things you were always there. I only had to say one word and you took me in your arms and did not let me go. That is true love. Thank you.

Also financially you always helped me when it was necessary. You didn't shove the money up my ass, but only gave it to me when I really needed it.

Fortunately you raised me in such a way that I never became a spoiled only child. I was brought up with respect for money and not with indifference. In our time so incredibly important, where it is only about consumption and indebtedness.

You have become not only my parents, but also a role model for me. I also want to be able to offer all this to my child or my children one day. I want to be able to help them after a proper scolding, nevertheless, always from the Trouble. Even when things get really tough. Not all parents can say that about themselves. Probably even the fewest and I thank you for showing me this way.

Besides, my childhood was an absolute dream: Growing up in a quiet neighborhood, in an awesome house with a pool, with a soccer field right next to it and also with a grandma under the roof, who baked the best cookies in the world every year at Christmas. What more could you wish for as a little boy who wanted to become an astronaut?.

I remember these beautiful years so often. Today I know that such a thing is anything but self-evident. Now I understand how hard you had to work for it. Just to be able to offer you and me a fulfilled life.

And now I also dare to take the step into self-employment, just like you did back then, Dad. Because you are my role model. Because you showed me what can be achieved with will and perseverance. Because you also didn't want to be a hairdresser without perspective anymore, just like I don't want to be an electronics engineer without perspective anymore. Because we are both winners dad. Thank you.

And you mom, yes we both had 2-3 years a difficult relationship with each other. We have gotten into the hair where it could only go. Every little thing was used by both of us to go at each other's throats.

But now I understand you. I am grown up and have finally understood that the saying "I only want what is best for you." was always meant seriously. Besides, you gave me more love than any other person on this planet in the moments when I was really miserable.

Despite all the trouble, you were always the first to comfort me in the difficult moments and showed me that things were moving forward again. Especially in the last 1 1/2 years where I was sometimes on the verge of a psychological knock-out and very often dissatisfied with my situation, you told me again and again: You'll make it!

A little tip for in between: If you want to give your parents a really great gift, take a look at mydays. The site has created a category especially for this: Gifts for parents.* Especially mom and dad are always happy about a gesture that comes from the heart.

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