Instant credit despite schufa

Through our financing partner, there is the possibility of obtaining an instant loan despite Schufa information. Thus, even people with moderate credit ratings or self-employed people with highly fluctuating income can get a loan "without SCHUFA query".

Requirements for conventional loans

To apply for a loan, a few requirements must be met. This has the background that lenders want to protect themselves from payment defaults. In addition, it also protects the customer from too high credit amounts, which would then no longer be repayable. Basically, each bank has its own credit guidelines. However, these are similar in many ways. Frequently, these are the following requirements:

  • Residence in Germany
  • Full age
  • German bank account
  • regular income
  • good credit rating
  • Partial other collateral such as z.B. Car title for a car loan

Through our financing partner, it is possible to obtain a loan despite a bad credit rating. Borrow money without SCHUFA works in this case not through a bank, but through the mediation of a loan from private individuals.


Instant credit despite schufa


An immediate loan despite SCHUFA query is possible through our financing service provider. Specify the desired loan amount as well as desired term and a purpose for the loan. Following this, you will be asked to enter your basic personal details. After you have filled out the form completely, you do not need to do anything else. Promptly you will receive more information by e-mail.

The credit "despite negative SCHUFA" is suitable for all people. Not only for employees or civil servants, but especially for self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs. After reviewing your request will borrow money without SCHUFA query possible. Small business owners in particular benefit from this loan without SCHUFA. Finally, depending on the order situation and payment morale of customers, it can easily happen that a bad credit rating arises due to fluctuating income. The described scenario is a common reason why the approval of a classic bank loan for self-employed people becomes a problem.

Instant credit despite SCHUFA entry: What are the advantages of such a loan?

A bank loan is sometimes lengthy from the procedure. Time-consuming measures and accurate checks of borrowers are carried out. A big advantage of a loan without a query at SCHUFA is also a not inconsiderable time saving!

The advantages of a loan without SCHUFA query at a glance:

  • The credit without SCHUFA: Suitable for all people!
  • Borrowers with moderate creditworthiness may qualify here!
  • Significantly faster processing than traditional bank loans, speedy disbursement
  • No adverse effect on your SCHUFA score

Instant loan despite SCHUFA entry: tips

Consider carefully whether you can really repay a loan despite SCHUFA entry. Not infrequently, banks have plausible reasons for the rejection of a credit application. Do you want to take out a loan without SCHUFA information help the following tips.

Decisive are payment morale and prospective solvency

It is the business model of credit lenders to lend as much money as possible. Because for every euro lent, they earn with. Therefore, in principle, lenders have an interest in lending money. This is even more true during periods of low interest rates. Now, if an offer is rejected anyway, it is probably because internal checks by the lender have revealed indications of a poor payment record. The lender then expects that he will not get the money back and refrains from granting the loan. Another reason could be that the loan amount was chosen too high. As a result, the household income is not enough to repay the loan installments.

Plan realistically: create a budget calculation

Compare your monthly income with your expenses. After all expenses are deducted from your income, you're left with discretionary income. The maximum rate of the credit is based on this. Keep in mind that not all expenses can always be planned for. The washing machine can suddenly break down, a workshop visit of the car is more expensive than expected or there is a back payment of electricity, gas or telephone costs fluttering in the house. For such cases you should plan a buffer.

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