How the oldest pizza driver in bamberg defies corona

You have to think of hans kohmann as a positive person: even if he, like many others these days, is a bit more worried and concerned about corona and the risk it entails – the recently 83-year-old man is on the road several times a week.

Bamberg's oldest pizza driver still enjoys his job: "I think pizza driving is a good thing

Me young, I stay active in life", he says and actually seems to be young at heart during our telephone conversation.

Difficult times for gastronomy

At the moment, the situation is difficult for all restaurateurs, even for "italia" in the jackstrabe, for which hans kohmann has been taking pizza out for almost 24 years.

At the age of 59, when he was sent into early retirement after an eventful professional life, the trained industrial clerk, later insurance clerk, tourism expert, sports manager and most recently active in IHK vocational training, started making pizzas. "I can also use it financially, because the pension is a weng weng", says kohmann nevertheless cheerfully on the telephone.

Contact with customers

He, too, thinks the corona crisis is very serious. It's hard to avoid direct contact with customers, he says from his experience, and thinks of payment, for example. "Many people don't want to or can't do that online either". But people are more cautious now anyway and want to keep their distance. "Which is basically a very good thing", he says.

When hans kohmann serves pizza, pasta& co. When he delivers, he always tries to convey a bit of happiness to his customers. He likes contact with other people, you can tell that immediately when you talk to him. "Even the grimmest I meet so" he says. His good mood is infectious, and that is a little brightener for the customers he serves, especially in these times.

The 83-year-old is also very active in other ways: in the "baskidball" youth social project he has been a regular visitor to the hall since its inception. With his red baseball cap and his uncomplicated, motivating manner, he also appeals to the children and young people and teaches them a thing or two along the way. "Cool" the young find him. Kohmann has already been awarded the bamberger burgernadel by the city of bamberg for his work.

An encouragement in times of crisis

With his basketball knowledge, he also coached girls' teams at DJK don bosco for a long time. And he is still on duty at the box office for the home games of the DJK bundesliga ladies. But of course this is not to be thought of at the moment. But kohmann is already looking forward to it again.

In any case, it is good to know in these days that there are such happy and positive people like hans kohmann in bamberg. You encourage us to go through the crisis in a positive way. By the way, he sewed his mouth guard himself.

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