Gastronomy and logistics benefit: job center in bamberg places many refugees in jobs

Good news from the bamberg job center: the repeatedly voiced fears that german long-term unemployed could suffer disadvantages on the job market due to the large number of job-seeking refugees do not seem to be true in bamberg. A corresponding report was given by the manager of the jobcenter bamberg, stefan ziegmann, to the integration senate of the city of bamberg. According to its data, the statistics for 2018 show two pleasing trends in particular. 39 percent of recognized refugees could be placed in jobs. At the same time, there was a strong movement in the placement of german long-term unemployed. Both groups, according to ziegmann, benefited from the excellent condition of the bamberg labor market. Many companies were desperately looking for workers.

Nevertheless, the concentration of many refugees in bamberg still has its downsides. Above all, the public prosecutor's office and the police are extremely busy. You can read more about this and about the distribution of refugees in upper franconia here in the premium area of infranken.

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