Functional bench for the elementary school in schondra

The sturdy yet comfortable mobile chairs were once again created as part of a trainee project. Just last december, the prefabricated house manufacturer supported the oberleichtersbach elementary school with the construction of a gerate house.

At the handover in schondra, all those involved love to briefly review the history of the event. "Benches were needed for five classrooms, each in a set of three in different heights", according to the managing director of hanse haus, marco hammer. For reasons of space, it was important to the school administration to be able to slide the benches into one another for storage purposes. The trainees had to follow these guidelines in the realization of the project, which required a lot of fine-tuning.

The new objects are made of 27-millimeter-thick solid beech wood panels. The corner joints were made with so-called finger tines. A high-strength, water-based clear varnish was used to seal the surfaces.

"The current apprentice project was an excellent opportunity to train joining techniques, to produce painted surfaces and to make construction plans and scale drawings", hammer and his employees looked back on the past few weeks. The young craftsmen were able to practice the entire process from planning, ordering materials, production and quality management to handover to the customer. And the apprentices, for their part, explained "that we had to do a lot of fine work on the details.

"Such banks were on our waiting list for a long time", principal sabine kreil made clear in her short speech. She was particularly impressed by "the absolute hard work, which must have required a lot of dexterity". The 70 or so girls and boys then subjected the new mobile chairs to an intensive sitting test. Their verdict was also very positive.

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