Free auto repair shop for hamburg st. Pauli – your car repair shop haake

The dingy image of a red light district has Hamburg St. Pauli now finally discarded.

Free auto repair shop for hamburg st. Pauli - your car repair shop haake

Where once dodgy establishments and bars attracted a certain clientele, there are now quaint pubs, cafes, theaters and squares hosting atmospheric outdoor events.

St. Pauli is now a cult part of the city and an attraction of social events for young and old alike. On the Reeperbahn, you can now see groups of younger people celebrating their bachelorette or bachelor parties, and you can see groups of visitors who want to experience one of the numerous events on the amusement mile.

And also for the residents of St. Pauli, who feel very much at home between Landungsbrucken and Reeperbahn, a lot has changed: You now live in a so-called "in" part of town, with all its positive as well as negative side effects.

The negative consequences are skyrocketing real estate prices with the accompanying high rents. On the positive side, a high image gain and living in a prosperous part of town.

While in the past almost everyone who lived in Hamburg St. Pauli, shamefully concealed his address, he can now score points with his home address and is envied by others for his residence.

And it is really enviable to live on the beautiful Elbe with its harbor and its colorful hustle and bustle right at the pulse of Hamburg.

In addition Hamburg may St. Pauli has yet another convenience for its drivers: The good accessibility to the car repair shop Haake. Because for every motor vehicle owner it is always of great value to have a reliable and thoroughly working car repair shop in his vicinity.

And because the Haake workshop easily fulfills these premises, the Hamburg-based auto repair shop can certainly call itself a

reliable car repair shop for Hamburg St. Pauli

Free auto repair shop for hamburg st. Pauli - your car repair shop haake

let address. Beyond that the free auto repair shop Haake recommends itself still with a high efficiency, best work quality and a sympathetic human service:

  • Experienced all-round knowledge that enables Auto Haake to carry out qualified car repairs and maintenance services for almost all car brands
  • The best quality of work, based on the high level of education and many years of professional experience of the master and journeyman car mechanics
  • Wide range of services in the field of comprehensive car repairs, because the Haake car company combines two trades: car repair shop and body shop
  • Very friendly service from courteous master craftsmen who are happy to take your requests and immediately inspect your vehicle
  • Low cost calculation, which is easy on the wallet and ensures that your finances are protected

These positive features of the Haake car repair shop once again underpin the fact that vehicle owners from St. With the Stellingen workshop, Pauli has a reliable partner at his side who repairs and maintains the important means of transport conscientiously and at a reasonable price.

Thus the auto repair shop Haake in Hamburg is a good tip as a

low-cost car repair shop for St. Pauli

Free auto repair shop for hamburg st. Pauli - your car repair shop haake

And as an auto repair shop for the interesting Hamburg district, the automotive company also offers a wide variety of interesting workshop services related to the well-being of your automobile:

  • Careful maintenance services and inspections, based on the respective manufacturer's specifications
  • System diagnostics, reading of the error memory and repair of any indicated defects
  • Oil change with premium oils: engine oil change and transmission oil change with filter
  • Car repairs and proper repair work on almost all domestic and foreign car brands
  • Engine repairs and engine maintenance, such as valve adjustment, timing belt replacement and ignition adjustment
  • Repair and maintenance of brake systems: change of brake pads / change of brake fluid
  • Transmission repair: automatic / manual transmission
  • Repairing the clutch / replacing worn clutch linings
  • Repair steering, shock absorbers and axles
  • Repair or renew exhaust system
  • Body work and body repair: replacing or denting damaged body panels, permanently repairing rust damage (corrosion) by welding in new panels
  • Accident damage professional repair / accident repair and settlement of the accident damage with the appropriate car insurance company
  • Repair damage caused by vandalism or burglary professionally / renew car glass
  • Careful and qualified restoration of classic cars
  • TuV acceptance and AU inspection

This excerpt alone confirms the high performance of the independent auto repair shop and, in addition, proves that the vehicle owner from St. Pauli together with his automobile is in good hands here.

For this at Auto Haake is of course a

Friendly and courteous service

including. The accommodating master car mechanics will gladly respond to your wishes and advise you in detail about the upcoming repairs or maintenance services.

And of course your questions will be answered comprehensively and you will receive – if desired – tips for the technical handling of your vehicle.

Auto Haake is looking forward to your visit from St. Pauli!

Hamburg car repair shop in Stellingen for inexpensive accident repairs, accident damage, car repairs, timing belt replacement, exhaust, body work, inspections, maintenance, customer service cars, removal of burglary damage to the motor vehicle, classic car restoration, glass damage. And also TuV acceptance, AU. Automotive repair shop for rust damage, fender benders and engine repairs.
Independent auto repair shop for VW, Mercedes, Opel, Audi, BMW, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Fiat, Honda, Hyundai, Seat, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Porsche, Skoda, Mazda, KIA

conveniently located for the Hamburg districts of Eidelstedt, Niendorf, Schnelsen, Lurup Eimsbuttel, Eppendorf, Lokstedt, Bahrenfeld, Altona, Ottensen, Othmarschen, Nienstedten, Grob Flottbek, Hoheluft, Winterhude, Rotherbaum, Uhlenhorst, Osdorf, Alsterdorf and Blankenese.

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