Forest fire danger still on the second highest level

Due to the continuing high summer temperatures, the risk of forest fires in bavaria and thus also in the district of kronach has increased sharply. In the district of kronach, the forest fire danger level is currently still 4 (= "high danger") on the five-point scale). This forest fire level is expected to remain at level 4 for the next few days, according to the district office.
Forest owners are therefore strongly advised not to burn the bark and tops of bark beetle-infested trees at this time due to the weather conditions.
Farmers who have water barrels are asked to fill them with water in consultation with the local commanders, so that they can be used quickly for fighting forest fires if necessary.
In order to reduce the risk of forest fires, the district office asks to exercise special caution in the forest and to observe the following rules of conduct:
– report smoke development in the forest or forest fires immediately under emergency call 112
– prevent fires from spreading by attempting to extinguish them yourself, as long as you do not endanger yourself by doing so
– from 1. March to 31. Strict smoking ban in the woods in october
– do not light fires in or near woods (up to 100 m)
– do not leave glass bottles or broken glass lying around in the forest (burning glass effect) and do not throw away burning cigarettes or cigarette butts. Don't throw cigarette butts out of the window while driving or riding the train either
– do not park cars on dry grass, as the grass can easily ignite the heiben catalytic converter
– park in or near the forest in such a way that fire and rescue vehicles and agricultural vehicles are not obstructed
– when barbecuing and holding campfires, extreme caution is always advised – even outside the forest
– forest roads for evtl. Be sure to keep needed fire and rescue vehicles clear.

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