Fire protection in the town of ebern is now improved

In addition to the portable fire pump in the new fire truck in eyrichshof, the city of ebern has acquired two more pumps. This is pointed out by ebern's mayor jurgen hennemann.

The fierst fire department of the ebern fire department and the weibenbrunn fire department received new portable fire pumps, each of which required around 11.000 euro cost. These were procured by a collective order of several parishes under the leadership of the parish of untermerzbach and delivered the week before last. The portable fire pump in weibenbrunn replaces the pump that had been in service since 1961 and fits perfectly into the fire department's old fire truck. The recently elected commander of the fire department in weibenbrunn, katja stetter, received the new pump at the municipal building yard with a rough number of firefighters. There was a briefing by the geratewarte of sebastian wagner and manfred klopf. Mayor jurgen hennemann thanked the firefighters of weibenbrunn for the careful handling of the previous pump, which had never lasted so long without the expertise of the local machinists.

The new portable fire engine is a great advance, it starts automatically and even has lighting, according to hennemann. He wished the firemen much practice and little use with the new pump. The weibenbrunner joked that the inside of their, also in the years come fire-brigade vehicle, now in the old shell a new core was and after the new pump also the car had to be renewed. The beginning is made. YH

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