Energy efficiency classes with the house recognize, calculate and optimize

The energy efficiency class of a property shows you the energetic condition of the house. We present you the different energy efficiency classes and show you optimization possibilities.



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  • What are energy efficiency classes for a house?
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  • What are the energy efficiency classes for real estate?
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The most important facts in a nutshell

  • A property's energy efficiency rating shows how much energy buildings use.
  • Energy efficiency classes are divided on a scale from A+ to H and in a color scheme from green to red.
  • The energy efficiency class of the house is stored in the energy certificate.
  • Energetic renovations help to improve the energy efficiency class and are subsidized by the KfW (Reconstruction Loan Corporation).
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What are energy efficiency classes for a house?

The energy efficiency class of a house shows how high the energy consumption of the property is. Home buyers and owners should be able to tell at a glance whether the property is energy efficient or more of an energy guzzler. This allows you to identify possible follow-up costs more quickly and houses become more comparable.

The classification of houses into energy efficiency classes, as we know it from household appliances, has existed since 2007. Since 2014 these must be deposited in addition in the energy document of identification of the real estate. When assigning an energy efficiency class, the complete energy demand of the property is taken into account. The following factors in particular are taken into account:

  • Insulating the house
  • The heating system used
  • The glazing of the windows
  • The thermal insulation of doors
  • Possible energetic weak points

Houses with good insulation and an efficient heating system are usually classified in a better energy efficiency class due to their lower energy consumption.

Building interest calculator

Find out the current conditions we can offer you for your construction financing with our construction interest calculator. This gives you an initial overview of the interest costs incurred.

What are the energy efficiency classes for real estate?

To show the energy consumption of buildings, they are divided on a color scale and in alphabetical classes. The energy efficiency classes for a house range from A+ (green) to H (red).

For the classification into the energy efficiency class, the energy costs per year and per square meter of living space are taken into account. The better the energy efficiency of the property, the higher it is classified. 

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