Elfi eitel has worked for hobauer for four decades

When elena, chantal and moritz were arrested on 1. When they started their sales apprenticeship at the long-established hobauer toy store in forchheim on september 1, they met a former apprentice colleague as well as many new impressions and faces. At that very 1. September exactly 40 years ago, today's personnel manager and deputy managing director elfi eitel also began her training at hobauer.
Working for the same company for 40 years seems almost impossible in today's fast-moving world of work. But that is exactly what elfi eitel is doing. On 1. September 1977 she started her apprenticeship as a retail saleswoman in forchheim. To this day, it is part of the company's history and an integral part of the forchheim toy giant. After completing his training, eitel moved to the office, where he took care of organization and accounting for more than 20 years.

Good working climate

in 2001, she was appointed human resources manager and from then on was responsible for all employee matters as well as for new hires. In july 2012, she was appointed deputy managing director of the forchheim-based company in addition to her previous duties, thus strengthening managing director ralf mall, who also runs another toy store in munich alongside hobauer.
At the "front elfi eitel is not missing despite her promotion. When she's not in the office, she's in charge of the book department on the top floor with a rough selection of children's and young adult books and regularly advises her customers.
In her opinion, the fact that she hasn't lost her enthusiasm for working at hobauer after 40 years is also, and above all, due to the interpersonal relationships between the employees. "I'm not the only long-term employee at hobauer. That would be completely unthinkable if we didn't have such a pleasant working atmosphere here", eitel explains.

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