Driver’s license disappeared, now what??


Driver's license disappeared, now what??


This can happen to anyone. Your wallet has disappeared and all your documents are missing. This alone is bad enough, but now it is even more important to take the right steps.

Replacement is important

The driver's license has disappeared and can no longer be found. What many drivers do not know: Driving without the document is punishable by a warning fine of 10 euros.
In order not to get into explanation trouble at a police check now, it is all the more important to create a substitute. A chargeable "transitional driver's license" offers a remedy here. However, this is only valid domestically and is only valid together with an identity card. This document must also be carried on the vehicle.

Go to the police in the event of theft

A theft must be reported immediately to a police station. A so-called "theft certificate" is also issued directly there, with which the new ID card can be applied for.

Apply for a new driver's license

The application for reissue of the driver's license can be made at the driver's license office of the place of residence. The fee for this is approx. 35 Euro, the work can take up to six weeks. According to the German Automobile Association (ADAC), an expedited issue is possible if an additional fee is paid.

The required documents are:

  • Travel or identity card.
  • Current biometric photo.
  • Card transcript (in case of lost driver's license issued at a former place of residence).
  • It's also possible that the driver's license office will require an affidavit of the whereabouts of the driver's license. In the case, the cost of the driver's license would incl. the amount of the affidavit is 65 euros.


If the driver's license is lost, immediately notify the driver's license office – or the police in the event of theft. A new driver's license is quickly applied for and then the journey can continue without complications.

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