Do i have to insure my bike carrier and the bikes separately or does my vehicle liability insurance cover them in the event of damage or theft??

I have been asked this question frequently and it can be answered in a relatively general way. Nevertheless, the personal insurance regulation should always be checked in order to be sure that an insurance is also valid. Theft and accident are two completely different topics, so I will also consider them separately here.

Is my bike rack insured or do I need a separate insurance policy?

Basically, all bike racks that are permanently attached to the vehicle are covered by car insurance. Accordingly, if a bicycle rack is damaged, the insurance company will pay in the event of a claim. Mind you, this applies to the bike carrier, whether roof rack, trailer hitch bike carrier or tailgate carrier. Bicycles on the other hand are not insured if the accident was self-inflicted.

If you are not at fault for the accident, but the other party is, the situation is different. In this case, you can make a claim for damage to bicycles so that the opposing vehicle's liability insurance will also cover it.

Can it happen that my insurance does not cover a damage caused by myself??

Yes, this can happen. Namely, when the carrier is not handled properly. Worse still gross negligence has been committed. Therefore, in any case, take into account the safety instructions of the wearer. In a checklist I have also noted points that you should consider before starting your journey with the bike carrier.

Can I still insure my own bicycles?

Of course, in this case it is the household insurance that pays for it. Simply contact the insurance company you trust and bring up the subject of bicycles.

What about theft of bicycle racks and insurance?

If the bicycle rack is stolen while it was on the vehicle, your own motor vehicle liability will cover it. But again it does not concern the wheels themselves. The bicycles, in turn, must be insured through a household insurance policy, as previously mentioned.

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