Police report that the attack on the alex is about to be cleared up

Police report that the attack on the alex is about to be cleared up

Already on tuesday, the police had caught another 19-year-old man. A warrant of arrest was issued against him on wednesday. The young man is accused of bodily injury resulting in death, said the spokesman for the public prosecutor's office, martin steltner. Overall, the investigation into the complex continues for murder.

In investigative circles, it was said that the main perpetrator was suspected to be in turkey. The police expressed confidence about the progress of the investigation. "We are confident that we have tracked down those involved in the crime. We now also know the names of the other suspects," martin dams, spokesman for the berlin police, told the dpa news agency on wednesday.


Topic of the month march 2023 – off on your travels

Since last year we are allowed to move around unrestrictedly again, also within the scope of professional activity. In this month's Topic of the Month, we take you on the journey of deductibility of travel-related expenses or employer reimbursability.

In the context of professional mobility, trips are mainly between home and the first place of work. In turn, an external activity exists if the work is performed away from the home and not at the first place of work.


Company pension plan: tax tips for employees and employers

Positive impact on tax returns for the self-employed and businesses

The Corona pandemic hardly leaves anyone unscathed. The effects are particularly noticeable in the financial area. Provided you know and claim them, tax breaks can counter economic hardship. Employers can pay their employees a bonus of 1500 euros free of tax and social security contributions.

However, the prerequisite for this is that this premium is paid in addition to the salary that is owed anyway and is recorded in the employee's payroll account. Employees have the option of submitting deferral requests to the tax authorities. However, since tax offices take several weeks to process, SEPA direct debit mandates should be revoked. This is how you can prevent taxes from being debited in the meantime. People who use a company car and it is taxed under the 1 percent rule can save valuable euros. As soon as the company vehicle is temporarily not needed due to a business interruption, it should be left standing and, at best, the speedometer reading should be photographed. Provided that one demonstrably leaves one's company car during the Corona crisis, one does not have to pay tax on a non-cash benefit for private use during this time.


Spondylosis in dogs

Spondylosis (Spondylosis deformans) is a disease of the spine, which is especially common in older dogs. It occurs mostly insidiously and is noticed only in the advanced stage.

Origin of the disease

Spondylosis is caused by degenerative changes (not inflammation) in the spine. It is a pathological change (calcification) in the spine, usually caused by wear and tear. Bony growths form in the form of beak formation, spur formation, marginal bulge formation and bone braces. In most cases, the deformities occur on the ventral (=abdominal) side of the vertebral body. The ossifications can occur in principle everywhere at the spinal column. However, the lumbar spine is most frequently affected.


Just say thank you: thank you mom and dad!

Somehow, I've missed the last few years just saying thank you to the two most important people in my life. To the people who brought me into this world and raised me up. To the people who have made sure I have always been well.

But before it gets really emotional here, I'll show you some suitable gift ideas for parents. Even though they usually say, "You don't have to buy us anything!", they will of course still be delighted with a nice gift. No matter whether for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday, Christmas or just because.


Can i clean the car rims with home remedies like cola?

When changing tires, car owners should clean the rims thoroughly. Does that go also with substances, which are advertised as house means for it, like vinegar, cola or baking oven spray?

Maintaining a car can be expensive. Saving on maintenance and care sounds tempting. Among other things, many allegedly well-suited home remedy tips for cleaning rims circulate: According to this, oven sprays, vinegar essence diluted with water or even cola can be used. What is to be held of it?


Salary negotiation – prepared for the conversation about more money

The topics of money and salary are considered taboo subjects in our society. The barrier to talk about one's own salary does not only exist in private circles, but also on the job. Accordingly, salary negotiations are anathema to many and are either postponed or omitted to the detriment of one's career. It does not matter whether the salary discussion is taken up during the application in the job interview or after the probationary period.

Salary increases are necessary to be able to earn well and advance professionally. As a side effect, this offsets inflation. If you don't dare to ask about your salary, you are giving away the chance of additional benefits or one or two extra euros.


Switzerland is the land of volunteers

Every fourth person in Switzerland regularly does voluntary work, most of them in the context of an association. The most diverse people thus come together through common interests. This is no coincidence: an association makes it possible to realize one's own ideas and visions collectively in a very unbureaucratic way.

200,000 associations: typically Swiss!

According to estimates, there are between 150,000 and 200,000 associations in Switzerland, which means that there is one association for every group of about 40 people. This is a remarkable density. Next to the joint-stock company, the association is the most important and most common form of company in our country. This is not by chance: the association system has namely in the Switzerland of the 19. In the early twentieth century, the association played a decisive role in creating a national identity that transcends the cantons. Thus, already at the beginning of the century before last, federal shooting and singing clubs came into being, which were able to bring together and involve an astonishing number of people across cantonal borders in a democratic way.