Car insurance in spite of insurance debts – the different ways

Many people need a car to do the important things of everyday life. However, in Germany no one is allowed to drive a vehicle without insurance coverage. However, what if an insurance company has accumulated debts?? This article is about how to take out a car insurance despite insurance debts. Which ways there are, is explained in detail.

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Motor vehicle insurance is a legal obligation

car insurance in spite of insurance debts - the different ways

Anyone who is the driver of a car must take out car insurance, as this is compulsory by law. If there is no insurance and a vehicle is still driven in parallel, this is punishable by law. However, it is not exactly cheap to maintain a car and it can quickly happen that the owner or driver of the vehicle gets into financial difficulties. How is it still possible to take out car insurance despite insurance debts? There are many insurers who then refuse to conclude a contract. But it is possible to get car insurance without a credit check.

How do vehicle drivers get car insurance despite insurance debts?

Car insurance is a compulsory insurance policy. That's why insurers continue to accept policies, not reject them, even though there are debts owed to them. But here, the vehicle driver must accept some sacrifices, because often insurers require that first the old debts must be paid or at least get involved in installment payments. Furthermore, usually only basic tariffs are offered, which adhere to the minimum legal requirements, but do not include higher protection. The good thing is that the amounts of such insurances are not very high.

That is why they are affordable for people whose financial resources are limited. However, these premiums usually have to be paid in advance, because no insurer wants to run the risk of having to suffer financial losses. This can be done by bank transfer or direct debit. A payment by invoice at a later date is not offered, because the insurers must assume that this is not paid on time or not at all. Nevertheless, it is possible to get an eVB number despite Schufa entry.

Search the Internet for car insurance despite insurance debts

On the Internet there are various comparison calculators, with which it is possible to get a car insurance despite insurance debts. The positive side effect is that the policyholder can still choose the cheapest rate, even though he has debts to an insurance company. To increase the chances of getting a car insurance despite insurance debts, the vehicle owner should greatly limit the number of drivers, otherwise the premium can immediately shoot up. Another way to get car insurance despite insurance debts is to have it taken out through a family member or friend. The scope of the insurance should be kept as small as possible. Instead of fully comprehensive and partially comprehensive, only third party liability should be selected, which ensures the minimum level of insurance coverage. If the policyholder offers an annual payment method in advance, he increases his chances of obtaining car insurance despite insurance debts.

Obtaining a car insurance is possible even with debts

If you want to take out a car insurance despite insurance debts, you should not immediately throw in the towel, but still try to take out one. However, he must be aware that he will have to forego certain benefits that other policyholders receive because they are debt-free. It is also possible that restrictions are made on the part of the insurance companies when it comes to the scope of insurance coverage. If, for example, a comprehensive cover has been requested, it can be replaced in by a simple liability cover. Similarly, the amounts of coverage are reduced to a minimum required by law. In addition, special conditions or other additional benefits are not even offered. These are benefits for cases that occur extremely rarely. Nevertheless, a motor vehicle insurance without Schufa and prepayment can be concluded in principle.

Can car insurance applications also be rejected completely?

There are cases when insurers reject applications for auto insurance anyway. This is the case when it is known that the potential policyholder is currently insolvent and is in no way able to pay insurance premiums for his vehicle. If he has taken the oath of disclosure, i.e. made an affidavit, as it used to be called, it may also be possible for the insurance application to be rejected. If a policyholder has already been rejected for any reason, they may also not receive the requested insurance at all. However, if none of the above aspects are present, the policyholder can hope to obtain car insurance despite insurance debts. It should be mentioned again that in Germany it is compulsory to be able to take out a car insurance policy. Insurers must also take this into account.

Conclusion about car insurance despite insurance debts

So anyone looking for car insurance despite insurance debt should take the above tips to heart and expect a slimmed-down form of coverage. Alternatively, it is also possible to ask a family member or friend to take out car insurance for the vehicle owner. Savings potential offer comparison calculators on the Internet, of which there are several. Here the policyholder still has to settle for the minimum tariff, but he can choose the most favorable insurance contract. If he then still offers to pay the annual sum for the car insurance in advance, some insurance companies will not reject the application.

But there are also exceptions. Namely, when the potential policyholder has taken an oath of disclosure and is not solvent. Another reason for rejection of the application is the insolvency of a claimant. Then it becomes difficult for him. Vehicle owners in this situation should follow the tips in this article to eventually get a car insurance despite insurance debt.

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