Blsv honorary award for ” silent stars” from the county

It was impressive, cool and organized with a light hand: the honorary evening for "the silent stars" in the great hall of the kronach guardhouse had premiere. Organized in meticulous sequence by the BLSV district of upper franconia with monika engelhardt at the helm.

Who are the "silent stars"?? The district chairwoman got to the heart of the matter: "the many, many employees in the upper franconian sports clubs, who have been active locally for decades, often working very quietly, are the most important people in the region."

They take on all kinds of tasks from tightening screws and making repairs to preparing and running events, competitions and celebrations. Being there as a cook or serving in the sports center is just as self-evident. They are also fit in digitalization, manage cash transactions, and open and close the gates to the sports facilities before they are needed inside. They do chauffeur services and look after the smallest ones, the tasks are as varied as the sport is. And they do it all out of idealism and conviction, often without getting a cent for it.

"Today they are the center of attention, the public should know about their achievements, they are the stars", engelhardt addressed the 20 volunteers, to whom she presented the honorary award in the form of a glass stele plus a certificate together with BLSV president jorg ammon.

In the individual laudations, the BLSV district chairmen from eight upper franconian sports districts acknowledged the merits of the honorees, only the "silent stars" were honored from the district of kulmbach could not be present due to personal reasons.

The phrase "do good and talk about it" is a good one was a common theme throughout the evening, as hymns of praise were sung for those who tirelessly set visible signs of voluntary commitment in the associations.

The 20 honorees also include karin gotz from the lav neustadt bei coburg, christiane stark from the coburg basketball club and harry nausch from the ahorn sports association.

Karin gotz is an indispensable member of LAV neustadt, said district chairman jurgen ruckert. She opens a gym or sports field for every training session, supervises a school group of between ten and 30 active students. She helps out when other leaders are absent, organizes the process. And goes to many competitions with the athletes and their parents, even stands in for neighboring clubs like SV bergdorf-hohn.

Christiane stark was a player, coached the girls' and women's teams of the club, has been present for many years at the home games of the first team in the 2nd division. Bundesliga pro B in the court. She creates game schedules for all teams and manages the jerseys of all teams.

Harry nausch maintains and designs the approximately 22000 square meters of club property, is club janitor by day and night, tufter and coordinator. He is involved in all festivals and anniversaries, he is a referee and helps as a supervisor with the kids.

BLSV president jorg ammon did not miss the opportunity to travel to the northernmost region of the free state of bavaria. "We want to give volunteering even greater weight than before.", he expressed his respect for the honorary award winners.

These activities are not to be estimated highly enough, had to penetrate still more into the public and be still additionally recompensed. "When you consider that there are over 300,000 volunteers in about 12,000 sports clubs in bavaria, this potential really becomes clear.". And the deputy district administrator of kronach, bernd steger, joined the congratulators, calling the "silent stars" people who know no cultural or religious differences, who are there for everyone. Social commitment makes sense, strengthens the sense of community and joint activities.

The evening was enriched by the hip-hop group of TV unterrodach and the rock'n'roll group of ATSV kronach. Especially the latter impressed with a great performance in which acrobatics and dancing were combined.

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