Bicycle theft insurance

If you own an expensive bicycle or pedelec, you can cover theft in a bicycle theft insurance policy. The most sensible way to integrate bicycle theft protection is in a household insurance policy.

If you want to insure your bike not only against theft, but also against damage caused by falling, vandalism, accidental damage, theft of parts (battery for pedelecs), fire, etc., you need a good insurance policy. would like to insure should inform themselves about a bicycle comprehensive insurance.

Homeowner's insurance Bicycle theft

Who would like to lock only a bicycle theft insurance makes this best over a good household insurance. The bicycle theft insurance is then cheap to have and one has additionally still the remaining household effects secured.

Bicycle theft household insurance

Here you can compare bicycle insurance for household insurance free of charge. In the case of bicycle theft in the household insurance is always the replacement value of your bike insured. Therefore, enter the new value of your bicycle in the field "Bicycle theft".

Liability insurance comparison


Bicycle theft insurance

What is the cost of household insurance with bicycle theft?

The cost of bike insurance within homeowners depends on several factors:

  • Location of the apartment (address)
  • Size of the apartment
  • New value of the bicycle
  • Scope of household insurance and bicycle insurance (scope of insurance coverage)

Scope of services within the household insurance

Home contents insurances differ very much. The Ammerlander insurance has for example 6 different home insurance tariffs with different scope of benefits. BesserBerater focuses on benefits. If you live by the motto "save, save, save" when it comes to insurance, you save on services at the same time and don't have to be surprised if the insurance company doesn't cover the damage.

Scope of services of the bicycle theft insurance

How important a good coverage is, shows the example of bicycle insurance. With bad tariffs the bicycle is not insured, if the theft happens at night between 22:00 and 06:00 o'clock in the morning. This is called the so-called night time exclusion. BesserBerater therefore always recommends a performance winner in its comparison where the bicycle is insured 24 hours per day.

Bicycle insurance test

If it is only about the bicycle theft insurance, then it depends on the quality of the household insurance. BesserBerater has already tested over 40 household insurance policies in detail. The home contents tariffs were tested for quality features such as the after-the-fact clause, partial theft or even hidden deductibles.

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